To make your solution be guarded by introduction of movie overwrapping equipment

December 25, 2023

Fin seal overwrapping device is able airtight sealing a lot more than the regular overwrapping equipment. It is efficient in protecting against bugs and overseas substances from coming into bundle. It has outstanding humidity evidence. By attaching opening tape, package can be opened very easily.

Fin-sealed wrapping merchandise can keep its large airtightness in the course of transportation from the merchandise delivered out the manufacturing facility till shown in the store and shipped to consumer. It safeguards the good quality of fragile products such as chocolate, sweet, or pharmaceutical merchandise.

The agent model of high speed fin seal overwrapping is FN1 that has equally features that is power of insect prevention and reliability to shield the item good quality.

TAM possess know-how has completed higher speed wrapping of the optimum 160 pcs/min with secure procedure. FN1 has outstanding expandability to be developed in current line program.

Fin Seal overwrapping machine is one of the movie overwrapping equipment that TAM manufactures. The title ‘Fin’ is from the fin of a fish. It is called ‘Fin seal simply because of the approach of sealing following wrapping the body of the carton there is movie edge to adhere at the prolonged facet, and the each short sides to adhere for heat seal. They are looks like fins.

In overwrapping, it had inclination of difficulty for hermetic seal because the carton be used are largely flexible skinny plastic or paper made carton. When warmth seal pressure functions towards the carton from the outside, the cartons typically deformed by heat seal pressure.

Fin seal, on the other hand, it is the way to pinch the film and seal them so that the carton overall flexibility does not influence the bundle. Therefore, it is in a position to produce the bundle with airtight sealing. overwrap packaging machine Getting the airtightness helps prevent the invasion of bugs or high quality affect by moisture.

From these attributes Fin seal is ample for company in the meals sector who has launched HACCP that calls for meals safety and good quality control.

In the TAM model FN1, the sealing method in the earlier mentioned photo has been adopted that is to fin seal at the more time side and shorter sides then, fold the movie and seal it once again. This will protected higher seal performance, far better look of the wrapping and easiness of show at the shop.

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